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 “Why Detours?”. This is a question I am often asked. It all began when I was 16 years old. Upon leaving school, I felt as though I was thrown into a world of anxiety and confusion. Being that I was rebellious to be my own individual, I became faced with the uncertainty of which path would best suit me.












The world around me became a vast ocean of conformity. People wearing the same brands, listening to the same music, copying the same trends all because it was popular at the time. I saw people existing. I wanted something different. Something more. That’s where Detours come in.
















Detours is created for people choosing to take the path less walked on. Expressing yourself in a better light. Detours is about finding who you really are. At Detours, each piece has been hand-picked and tested to ensure the best quality, as well as designed by me. Our brand’s goal is to be different from others and being the best version of yourself. 




We are always evolving and designing new ranges to express our selves. 




So, when asked “Why Detours?”, my response is “Why be like everyone else?” I hope that you enjoy the shopping experience and whichever path you choose, enjoy the journey.




At Detours we're always looking for ways to be more conscious and sustainable with our Home and our products.




That's why we've teamed up with THG-More trees, Each purchase you have the opportunity to plants trees. we've added a tip option, any amount of tip you add will be a tree planted. 




It's our duty to Leave this home Livable not only for us, but for future generations.
















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We provide a simple online shopping experience across all our sites and socials.








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All orders are dispatched within two working days, and handled with extra care from our couriers.








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DETOURS offer 24/7 support across our website and social media pages.








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Detours has many social platforms where we are always present, sharing our thoughts our sneak peeks and our visions.




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