No filter challenge

So it's 2021,
we're still going through a pandemic, footballs on its way home, and peoples anxiety and Depression has sky rocketed,
it's not hard to see where this has steamed from, 
Seeing as you can pick up the new Samsung or iPhone with an already built in Filter/smoother that photo shops your real face into something almost unrecognizable, building a false sense of reality, then you see the button to turn the filter off and see all the "imperfections" they Hid with the filter.
Dangerous, the fact People as young as 12, even younger than that sometimes, have access to this on a daily,
Not only that, Instagram Facebook tik tok and snap chat all promote it, giving people more and more followers and recognition when using those filters, their followers explode and grow.
Facebook posts of a beautiful young lady will surface, heavily filters, and comments will fill with
"stunning babe"
" beautiful"
" omg perfect"
but none are saying,
" you really don't need filters"
" you perfect with out"
instead , we've in bedded a need for them, making them think without them they are not beautiful,
so how has this impacted our day to day life?
well for one we use them for our profile pics, and our dating apps, 
knowing deep down it's not us, but also believing its how we look in some messed up way.
even when they disappear, and the user can see their face again without any distortion. At this point, the inevitable comparison between the ‘real me’ and the ‘retouched me’ emerges. Of course, the natural image can never live up to what has been designed as a beauty mask. The pervasiveness of these filtered images can affect self-esteem, make you feel bad that you are not in the real world, and even lead to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).
f you get used to seeing yourself through a distorted image, you can develop a dissociative disorder (in which you no longer recognize yourself in a photograph that has not been retouched) and later a dysmorphophobic disorder (because you cannot keep up with the digital image).
The use of filters need to be banned or have a warning, or sticker saying " filters".
The parents who use filters on their children need to take a look at the damage it's caused The Adults and rethink how it may be effecting their children, because starting at a young age can only be more damaging.
we're going into a new generation of Highly anxious people, 
we should be showing them how beautiful, how inspirational they are and they don't need to indulge in trying to fit in with unrealistic reality,
with Detours i want to use real people, with real bodies and showcase true beauty, my images won't be touched up, or filtered, we use good lighting to capture true beauty.
we want to show people from all walks of life that they can be on the cover of that campaign, or they can be a model, or they are infact beautiful!!
please Join us by snapping an unfiltered pic of yourself, using
#Detourslondon on Facebook and Instagram.
let's show the world we are beautiful. 

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